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Websites nowadays are no longer static.  In order to stay fresh and differentiate your company or organization, it’s critical that a powerful yet intuitive content management system (CMS) is in your web toolkit.  Another key benefit of a content management system is minimized long-term costs and improved search engine results.  With our content management solutions, you can take the driver’s seat and have the control you need to keep your website ahead of the pack.


For most types of websites, fresh content is the most important feature. Search engines love content changes. Frequent website changes will make your site more findable, increase your search engine ranking and increase your prospect lead generation


VCanDoo Business Solutions provides innovative, custom and feature rich website solutions.

The advantages this offers VCanDoo customers is:
1) Content on the website can be updated regularly and easily.
2) Allows for the opportunity to expand the website.
3) Integrate and add more features and functionalities as required.
4) Makes the website more professional with programmed modules providing features and functionality that only big corporate websites could once upon a time.
5) Enhances your websites capabilities as a marketing tool.
6) Makes for an engaging website for your customers to keep coming back to.
7) Cost effective.


Our content management system-based sites offers the best of all worlds, professional graphic design layout with the ability for you to edit, create and place pages within the content hierarchy of your website. This solution is a every businesses dream as they have full control of their marketing message. Financially this solution makes sense as you do not have to go through your web designer to make changes or pay a professional in-house web designer.


We offer light, scalable, and flexible modules that are constantly being improved and tested as they are Open Source. Nothing is completely built from scratch with our framework-driven, modular approach, meaning a faster development turnaround time and a rock-solid platform.  Maintenance and usage of your web application will require minimal time and a minimal learning curve.   Your website will be completely extensible and ready to grow alongside your user base.


Contact us today to discuss some ideas for your new project and we can provide you with a detailed estimate incorporating the latest internet technology.


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