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A truly professional custom website reflects your unique combination of

• Branding,

• Message,

• Products & Services,

• Personality or Corporate culture.

• Information


Your website must convert prospects into customers

Studies have shown that if your website can't hook the viewer in the first 8 seconds, you're at risk of losing that customer forever.  Therefore, it is paramount that your web design project be aesthetically pleasing to the viewer, and presented with enough professionalism to instill an aura of confidence in the minds of your customers.  But it isn’t just enough to have a good looking website; it also has to be functional, user friendly, and work to convert prospects into sales.


Your website needs to make your company money

The difference in conversion rates between a poorly designed website and professionally designed website can be substantial, and this is going to affect your bottom line.  Think about that for a moment - if a properly designed website can convert prospects into paying customers at 2x the rate of a poorly designed site, over the life of your website you could be losing tens of thousands of dollars or more in business!
We have the skills to make your website deliver your message, drive your business, increase your “presence”.


Content Development

• Basic grammar & spell check for content supplied by the client

• Extensive content editing and rewriting

• Creating written content from client supplied notes, information & reference material


Search Engine Optimization – improves your page rank & search results

• Basic – included in every VCanDoo website plus Google™ Analytics


Special Functionality

• Dealer or client login area and database mgmt

• Site-wide search functionality

• Google™ Map integration


Content Management system

• Update your website content reqularly

 • Manage your features and functionality

• Scalable website that can be expanded as you grow



Contact us today to discuss some ideas for your new project and we can provide you with a detailed estimate incorporating the latest internet technology.


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Feel free to contact us for a free estimate and consultation in regard to your internet needs. We are always pleased to be of assistance with any questions you may have.

Your website is an important part of your business. Make sure you treat it as such.